In 2011, eight randomly chosen Estonian pig farms were visited by a group of anonymous persons without prior notice. Photos and videos that are available on this site show the conditions in these farms, but also gives an idea of the general situation is Estonian pig farms.

The footage shows the saddening conditions pigs have to live in, injuries and diseases, which are present in several farms. For example, living pigs with injured tails, bleeding ears, scratches, eye injuries, hernias and other traumas are visible in the footage.

In addition, the material proves that some farms have not provided an opportunity for the pigs to dig around and the immediate drainage of excrements, which are required by the law. In some pig farms dead animals were also left lying among living ones.

Similar investigations have been conducted in pig farms of other European countries as well and all of them have shown a similar situation.

In factory farming, pigs are treated as resources, and not as living beings, whose interests should be taken into consideration. Since the main objective of the meat industry is profit, the welfare of pigs and their natural needs are considered less important.

Pigs are, by nature, active and clean animals, who like to dig around in the ground, discover the world around them, cool themselves in the mud and develope herds based on fixed relations. In factory farming, pigs generally don't have an opportunity for such behavior. Usually living on a concrete floor, often without any litter and inside their own excrement, some pigs have no chance to see the sunlight before they are taken to the slaughterhouse at the end of their 6-months long lives.

Since it is a form of industrial food production which is taking place behind closed doors, it is important to shed some light on what is happening in the pig farms and inform the public of the conditions pigs are kept in. At the moment, consumers are often unable to make well-informed choices, since they often lack information about the conditions of animals in the meat industry and the processes of meat production. This footage helps to raise the consciousness of consumers and is relevant to everyone who consumes meat.